2019 Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies Recipient — Chad Eisenback

Chad was raised in a union home in Louisville, Ky. While his parents, brother, and sister are all police officers, he wanted to become a lawyer from a young age. Chad’s passion for workers’ rights stems from his experiences working various jobs since he was 15. When Chad began his first semester at University of Louisville School of Law, he was also employed full-time at a manufacturing plant where he was a night shift union-shop-steward. During Chad’s first semester he also was on the union’s negotiating committee and since then he has aspired to become a union-side labor lawyer. Chad plans to focus on arbitration advocacy and ERISA law so that he can be a vital resource in the labor movement. Chad credits his success to his parents, Alan and Diane Eisenback, UofL Labor Law Professor Ariana Levinson, and most importantly his wife, Abigail Eisenback and their three young children (Azalynn, Canaley, and Banner).

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