The Legal department is charged with carrying out the core legal functions of the union, which include the negotiation of baseball’s collective bargaining agreement (the “Basic Agreement”), the enforcement of Player rights embodied in the Basic Agreement and all of the other legal responsibilities that flow from the union’s representation of Players.  In addition to its role in preparing for and carrying out the negotiation of the Basic Agreement, the PA legal team negotiates a multitude of mid-term agreements that cover a wide range of issues.  The enforcement of these agreements requires constant monitoring and intervention by Players Association lawyers, who communicate daily with agents and Players regarding an array of rights, rules, regulations, and potential violations.  When issues are reported, or otherwise detected, the Players Association lawyers investigate the underlying facts and seek to resolve any resulting disputes, either through negotiation with MLB or, where settlements cannot be reached, through the grievance procedure.  Grievances brought to the arbitration panel are litigated exclusively by Players Association lawyers or counsel appointed by the PA.  In addition to negotiating and enforcing Players’ contractual  rights, Players Association lawyers execute a broad array of legal tasks central to the union’s mission, such as defending Players against League or Club discipline, certifying and regulating agents, coordinating with the business group (MLB Players, Inc.) on legal matters and protecting Player and Player Association interests in government investigations, legislative initiatives, and outside litigation.


Additionally, the Legal department is involved in all matters relating to Player contracts, salary arbitration, amateur entry (both domestic and international) and the core economic provisions of the CBA, CBT, Revenue Sharing, and Debt Service Rule. We work closely with the agent community as well as our outside economists in preparing for contract negotiations and salary arbitration in both the enforcement of the core economic provisions of the CBA and in analyzing industry economic data.

Matt Nussbaum

General Counsel

Cindy Abercrombie

Contract Administrator

Hiram Arnaud

Assistant General Counsel

Heather Chase

Deputy General Counsel, MLB Players, Inc.

Legal Staff A-Z

Martha Child

Chief Administrative Officer, Player Benefits

Greg Dreyfuss

Director, Analytics and Baseball Operations

Craig Edwards

Senior Analyst, Economics and Collective Bargaining

Ezra Frankel

Senior Data Scientist, Economics and Collective Bargaining

Robert Guerra

Assistant General Counsel

Aisha Hope

Administrator, Agent Certifications and Legal Executive Assistant

Bob Lenaghan

Assistant General Counsel

Harry Marino.png

Harry Marino

Assistant General Counsel

Lisa Pepin

Senior Manager, Baseball Operations

Jeff Perconte

Deputy General Counsel

Jack Sexton

Associate Counsel, Baseball Operations