The Communications department is responsible for developing, implementing, and coordinating all media messaging, official releases and announcements, and social media initiatives on behalf of the Players Association, in accordance with the overall communications strategy developed by the Executive Director.  On a daily basis, it disseminates key information relating to the Association’s agenda, answers questions from reporters, helps shape stories and commentary both here in the United States and abroad, and assists with internal communications among Players and staff, all of which are designed to increase awareness, understanding, and support for the union’s programs, policies, and positions.  As part of this effort, the department manages and operates a suite of Web sites, social media and electronic communications platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, and has in-house capabilities including video and graphic editing, production services, and language translation.

Chris Dahl

Director, Communications

Silvia Alvarez

Associate Director, International and Domestic Communications

Gretchen Mueller

Managing Director, Digital Media and Creative Strategy

Lauren Murray

Manager, Digital Media