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"Early on in my playing career, learning from the veteran players and being engaged in this world-class union instilled a sense of stewardship and respect for those who paved the way for Players today.  There's such a strong connection between each group of Players - we continue to be mindful of taking care of those who came before, those on center stage now, and those who will follow."

Chris Capuano,
Senior Director, Operations, Business & Strategy

Chris Capuano

Senior Director, Operations, Business & Strategy

Chris is the MLBPA’s Senior Director of Operations, Business & Strategy, and his responsibilities include overseeing key processes in the areas of finance, information technology, communications, and human resources.  


He also participates in strategy and various day-to-day activities of the union's business subsidiary, MLB Players, Inc. and serves as chair of the board of directors for the MLB Players Trust charitable nonprofit. He joined the MLBPA in 2019.


A graduate of Duke University with a BA in Economics, Chris’ career spanned 14 years in the Majors as a left-handed pitcher for the Diamondbacks, Brewers, Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees. Chris played baseball and earned a silver medal in international competition with the United States National Team in 2001, won 18 games in 2005, earned a spot as a National League All-Star in 2006, and experienced individual and team success for another 10 years before finishing up his playing career after the 2016 season. 


Chris supplemented his undergraduate Economics degree from Duke by completing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in 2019.